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‘NBI: The Mariano Mison Story’ FULL MOVIE | Eddie Garcia

A look at the life of Mariano Mison played by the late Eddie Garcia, the head of the investigating team for the controversial Vizconde massacre in 1991.

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Louie Fernandez : Nice plot ang movie::: Eddie Garcia!!!
Eljhon Catiis : Nakakantig Ang kwento Niya nakakaiyak din Ang kwento napakagaling gumanap ni Eddie Garcia ❤️
Taw Dalidig : idol ko tlga Eddie Garcia Ang galing bumitaw Ng mga kataga☺️
Kaye TeeVee : More Eddie Garcia movies pls.
Ruth Umayan : RIP Mr. Eddie Garcia... We miss you!!!

Mizon vs. Purito K-Beauty BB Cream For YOUR Skin | HIKOCO

New BB Creams landed at HIKOCO! More than a based makeup, the right BB Cream keeps your skin breathable and healthy day to night! From coverage, shades, textures and ingredients, let’s compare the MIZON Snail Repair Intensive \u0026 PURITO Cica Clearing!

Product list
Snail Repair Intensive BB Cream

Purito Cica Clearing BB Cream

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#bbcream #new #mizon #purito
Kelsea Nova : Purito looks darker even in the light shade
Norey Abella : This is so helpful. Thank you so much <3
adelaisa : i was thinking about buying either of these two bb creams but couldn't decide, your video helped me a lot! thank you so much
amy amy : did the mizon contain fragrance previously? (like was it reformulated and then they decided to make it fragrance-free?)
i dunno why but i just have a memory of it containing fragrance and thats why i never brought it.
Senna K : Very helpful video, thank you!!

blanc 500k Mix by | Grant Mizon

The Sounds Of blanc (Sample Pack) OUT NOW https://bit.ly/36vqr8H

Tech House Spotify Playlist https://spoti.fi/2JZ2bkl
Techno Spotify Playlist https://spoti.fi/2WfbeVZ
Minimal Spotify Playlist https://spoti.fi/2x0PCCb

Hit subscribe: http://bit.ly/sub2Blanc and enable alerts

Blanc - Anything Is Possible.
- Instagram: http://bit.ly/2frMFRO
- Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/1If73ed
- Facebook: http://on.fb.me/134mODX
- Twitter: http://bit.ly/1u49Yfs


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blanc : Thank you for 500k Subscribers ... Let’s celebrate Grant Mizon style ⚡️
Vilgotlava : Tracklist:

[00:00] Cloonee - Partay [SOLOTOKO]
[03:00] Piem - Nevermind
[06:30] Chicks Luv Us & Armando - Too Many Things [CUFF]
[08:30] Lotrax - Feels So Good
[10:00] DJ S.K.T - Wonderland [STASHED]
[12:30] ID - ID
[14:00] Reelow - Fresh (Mendo Remix) [ELROW MUSIC]
[17:00] Mescal Kids & Killed Kassette - Tell Me [KITTBALL]
[21:00] Eddy M - Power Back [SOLID GROOVES]
[24:00] Grant Mizon - Reminds Me Of Murcury [BLANC]
[29:00] Deeper Purpose & Intrusive - Dangerous [REPOPULATE MARS]
[31:00] Andre Salmon & Xavier Iturralde - Out Here [REPOPULATE MARS]
[33:00] Prok & Fitch & Kevin Knapp - The Homie [REPOPULATE MARS]
[37:00] Eskuche - Paranoid [ELROW MUSIC]
[39:00] Mescal Kids & Someguy - The Power [KITTBALL]
[43:00] Eddy M - Dropping [REPOPULATE MARS]
[46:00] Alisha - Infectious [KALUKI]
[50:00] Mike Vale - Music Is The Answer [GLASGOW UNDERGROUND]
[53:00] SecondCity - Tomorrow's World [SOLÄ]
Lesto Ovde : Grant Mizon sir, I thank you for this!

0:00 cloonee - partay
2:40 piem - nevermind
6:40 Chicks Luv US & armando - Too many things
8:40 Lotrax - Feels so good
9:40 DJ S.K.T Wonderland
13:00 Garage Tape - Kuestenklatsch
14:00 Reelow - Fresh Mendo rmx
I might have missed one here :p
19:40 Mescal Kids & Killed Kassette - Tell Me
20:50 Eddy m - Power Back
24:40 Grant Mizon - reminds me of mercury
28:30 Deeper purpose & intrusive - Dangerous
31:00 Andre Salmon, Xavier Iturralde - Out Here (Original Mix)
32:45 Mendo, Angel Heredia - No Scope
38:00 Eskuche - Paranoid
39:20 Mescal Kids - The Power
43:00 Eddy M - Dropping
45:50 ALISHA - Infectious
49:30 Mike Vale - Music Is The Answer
52:10 Secondcity - Tomorrow's world

good luck!
Grzegorz Kost : Pierwszy bit i już to czujesz co będzie... Biba
Monkey : Honestly best mix I've ever heard. Love it




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